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50 years

of plastic container RAKO

Plastic container RAKO

The RAKO family is the 2nd container series developed by Georg Utz AG. After the STANDARD containers, which were introduced to the market in 1963, a new success story was started in 1965 with the RAKO range.

It is a construction based on static principles and is characterized by its simplicity. Similar to the construction of a temple, the four corner sections of the container form the supporting columns. Everything in between offers the user a wide range of different possibilities to design the walls: closed, slotted, perforated, printed.

Frame construction RAKO Frame construction of RAKO

Great variety

The first versions with open-work side walls and the lids appeared from the end of 1966 onwards. 1967 saw the introduction of versions with grip holes on the short side and 1968 saw the first insert containers.

The RAKO owes its name to the typical frame construction, which gives it an extremely high stability. Similar to the construction of a temple, the four corner sections of the container form the supporting columns. Due to the knowledge that RAKO containers can be used everywhere and the consequently increasing demand, various heights adapted to given logistic systems have been added to all basic dimensions over the last 50 years. Today the RAKO container family comprises 96 different size variants. With the different side wall, base and handle variants, there are far more than 500 possible combinations. This makes the RAKO Euro container system one of the most versatile container systems that has set standards worldwide.

Photo contest

To mark its anniversary, Georg Utz AG launched a RAKO photo competition in 2015. The search was for good snapshots with RAKO containers in all kinds of professional and private situations and applications - the more creative and unusual, the better. After the end of the photo competition the twelve best pictures were selected from all entries. As a prize the winners wavered an Apple iPad. In addition, a Facebook competition was running in parallel. Among all those who visited the Utz Group's Facebook page until the end of August, Utz raffled off 50 RAKO cases with half-timbered inserts.